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Why Do I Have A Dead Car Battery?

In the hustle and bustle of the beautiful Prince George’s County, where every commute is a journey of its own, drivers often find themselves in an unfriendly situation that requires the expertise of a professional local towing company. Navigating the streets can be unforgiving and unpredictable, but when unforeseen circumstances strike, understanding what a professional towing company can do for you when it happens is a lifesaver.

Regarding your car battery, it’s crucial to understand why it’s dead and how to solve the problem. There are three leading common causes of dead vehicle batteries.

  1. Extreme Temperatures—Prince George’s County has a wide range of yearly temperatures, from below-freezing to triple-digit summer temperatures. These extreme temperatures will cause your battery to lose its charge faster.
  2. Age Of The Battery—All items and living organisms, from furniture to plants, animals, and people, have a lifespan. As they age, they become prone to breaking down and failure. However, taking your vehicle in for regular battery checks and maintenance can significantly extend its life and minimize the risk of inconvenient breakdowns.
  3. Electrical Issues- Issues within the vehicle’s electrical system can contribute to a dead battery, such as faulty alternators, parasitic drains, or corroded connections, which are common culprits.

Our team at J & L Towing is here to help you solve your battery issues. From jump starts to battery services, you can count on our team to provide the support you need to get your car running and back on the road again.

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Who Provides Dead Car Battery Services?

Do you have a dead battery and need a jump start? Call us at J & L Towing. Our team provides PROMPT Roadside Assistance And Towing services to help motorists in Prince George’s County stay on the road.   301-574-0065

    Are you wondering what type of professional towing and roadside assistance services we provide at J & L Towing? Our priority is to help motorists in need when they need the most various towing and roadside assistance services quickly and with the utmost professionalism. J & L Towing offers superior customer service and high-quality towing services, combining prompt, knowledgeable assistance with affordable rates.

    • Unlock Service
    • Tire Change Service
    • Flatbed Towing
    • Short Distance Towing
    • Long Distance Towing
    • Equipment Transport
    • Police Towing
    • Recovery Services
    • Classic Car Towing
    • Fully Insured And Licensed
    • Parking Control
    • 24 Hour Towing And More

    Affordable Roadside Assistance

    Jump Start Service

    Dead Car Battery

    From an aging battery to leaving your lights on, J & L Towing is the right solution to your problem. We offer affordable, on-time jump-start services around the clock. Don’t depend on strangers to help get your car running when you have a friend in J & L Towing for your solutions.

    Tire Change Service

    Dead Car Battery

    Don’t let a flat tire dirty up your Sunday’s best. Call us at J & L Towing. We offer prompt tire change services whether you are sitting on the side of the road, in your garage, or in your driveway. Our detail oriented tow truck operators will place your tire tools back in your truck where they belong.

    Unlock Service

    Dead Car Battery

    Never fear when you lock your keys in your car ’cause J & L Towing is always ready to retrieve them. Our highly skilled tow truck operator will safely and smoothly unlock your vehicle without causing any damage to your weather window stripping or scratching your paint. And did we mention it’s highly affordable? That’s right all of our roadside assistance services are pocketbook frinely and time savers.

    Lifesaving Services Around The Clock

    You can’t beat J & L Towing’s high-quality towing and roadside assistance services. With years of experience, training, and knowledge, we’ve gathered vast expertise in the towing industry, making us your lifesaving roadside assistance, a towing provider in Prince Georges County. Our towing rates make it easy for residential and commercial motorists to budget for our services. Our highly trained and experienced tow truck operators are friendly, honest, and reliable. You can count on our team to deliver the best quality towing and roadside assistance services in Bowie and Prince George’s County.
    Whether it’s a sunny day, snowy weather, or a rainy, dreary day when you need a tow truck for services like towing, accident assistance, tire changes, and more, remember to contact the experts at J & L Towing.

    Dead Car Battery