Top 10 Cars Most Likely To Be Involved In Accidents

Chris Coleman of created this table to help you determine which kind of vehicle you might want to choose the next time you go car shopping. They examined over 2.4 million vehicles, 2009 and newer to find out which cars had the highest percentage of reported accidents. The hard part was trying to identify unreported accidents. To do that they used condition reports from auctions that showed more than 1 metal body panel with signs of paintwork, but where the Autocheck report, the same report they used to determine reported accidents, failed to show that an accident had occurred. Basically, the accidents had occurred but went unreported for one reason or another.

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Make Model % of Reported Accidents % of Unreported Accidents % of Accidents
BMW 4 Series 11.5% 7.0% 18.5%
BMW X1 Series 12.7% 5.3% 18.0%
Range Rover Evoque 10.9% 5.6% 16.5%
Jaguar XJ 8.2% 7.5% 15.7%
Infiniti JX 9.3% 5.4% 14.7%
Lexus RX 350 10.5% 3.8% 14.3%
Audi A5 9.5% 4.7% 14.2%
Cadillac ATS 8.5% 5.6% 14.1%
Lexus CT 200h 8.7% 5.0% 13.7%
Infiniti QX60 8.0% 5.5% 13.5%

Credit Chris Coleman