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Need A Winching Service?

Once we had this customer, let’s call her Tabatha, who was in a bit of a panic. She was on her way to work during one of the worst snow storms we’ve seen in about ten years. Tabatha hit a patch of ice in her grey Toyota Camry, sending her careening into the snow-filled ditch.
So, Tabatha gave us a call explaining her unfortunate situation. Our knowledgeable dispatcher sent our closest wrecker to winch her Camry out of the ditch. When our highly skilled tow truck operator arrived and assessed the situation. He set up the winch, attached it securely, with some skillful maneuvering and the mighty power of the winch, began the extraction process. Within minutes, our highly skilled driver had Tabatha’s Camry back on solid ground.
No matter why you need help getting your vehicle out of the mud, ditch, or off the embankment, our team at J & L Towing has the right equipment and knowledge to safely, secure, and without causing more damage, get your vehicle back on solid ground.

Winching Service

Fast Winching Service

Looking for a towing company to get your unstuck? Our team at J & L towing is ready to help. We offer AFFORDABLE Wrecker And Towing services to motorists in Prince George’s County.   301-574-0065

    Our team at J & L Towing provides professional towing and roadside assistance services to ensure motorists in the area have a reliable towing company to call upon when they need it the most. From fast, highly skilled services to affordable rates, J & L Towing can tackle any emergency roadside breakdown you throw at us.

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    • Tire Change Service
    • Battery Service
    • Short Distance Towing
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    • Long Distance Towing
    • Recovery Services
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    Towing Service And More…

    Gas Delivery

    Winching Service

    Did you forget to check the gas gauge on your way to work? Or maybe your teenage son brought your car back on E? No matter why you need a couple of gallons of gas to get to the nearest gas station, J & L Towing is here to oblige you. We offer gas delivery services at an affordable rate to ensure you have a swift resolution to your roadside frustration.

    Tire Change Service

    Winching Service

    Got a flat? No worries. Our team at J & L Towing will have you back on the road in no time. Don’t break your back or take the chance of ruining your good clothes by changing your own tire. Call us. Our team has the right equipment and is always dressed for success. Getting dirty is part of our job, and we are always ready to help no matter the hour of the day or night; we’ve got your back.

    Wrecker Service

    Winching Service

    From being stuck in the ditch or mud or just finding yourself in a weird predicament, J & L Towing provides wrecker services. Whether you need a winch or recovery services, you can count on our team to safely get your vehicle back on solid ground. Our drivers always carry a friendly smile and a helping hand everywhere they go to ensure you get the relief you need during your unfortunate situation.

    Professional Towing Around The Clock

    At J & L Towing, we’re all about professionalism, top-notch towing, and roadside help. With years of industry knowledge under our belts, we’ve become the go-to towing company in and around Bowie. Our team knows all about towing, roadside assistance, and wrecker services and offers towing rates that won’t break the bank. Plus, our tow truck pros carry a friendly smile wherever they go. Our rates are affordable with no hidden fees.
    No matter the hour of the day or night, you can count on us to be just a phone call away for residential and commercial motorists in Bowie and Prince George’s County. Rain or shine, snow or sun, we are your nearby towing team. Whether it’s a tow for your motorcycle, accident recovery, a tire change, or whatever roadside pickle you find yourself in, count on us. Seriously, we’ve got you covered in all kinds of weather and situations.
    So, next time you’re stuck, Don’t stress. Call the professionals who know how to handle it all—J & L Towing. Whether a bright, sunny day or a gloomy, rainy one, we’re here to improve your day with reliable towing and assistance.

    Winching Service