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Accident Recovery Towing Upper Marlboro

If you’ve been in an accident, call J & L Towing. Our to truck operators are Certified Operators and know how to safely recovery your vehicle   940-233-5895

    Accident Recovery Towing Specialists

    Have you been in an accident in Upper Marlboro, Maryland? Are you sitting on the side of the road due to engine failure? J & L Towing is here to help. We are a full service towing company with a team of tow truck operators with wreckers standing by. These guys are ready and willing to help you with all your towing needs. Whether your vehicle is on its top, your motorcycle is in a ditch, or you need a to due to a minor car accident, we have the skills to recover and tow your car safely and securely.


    J & L Towing and Recovery provides excellent service at an affordable price. Our team is already ready and willing to put you first during your unfortunate vehicle breakdown. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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    Towing And Roadside Assistance

    Accident Recovery


    Whether you are in a ditch or slide down an embankment, you can count on J & L Towing and Recovery to recover your vehicle quickly and safely no matter the time of day or night. Call anytime for affordable towing service.

    Towing Service


    Allow us to take the stress off your road breakdown by calling our team of trained operators tow your vehicle. Whether it’s a short-distance or long-distance tow, we’ve got what it takes to respond quickly and get you and your vehicle where it needs to be.

    Roadside Assistance


    Run out of gas? Lock your keys in your car? Left your lights on? No worries, J & L Towing is equipped and experienced with all make-and-model vehicles to get you back on the road again quickly.

    Your Recovery And Towing Specialists

    Imagine you are driving down Old Marlboro Pike Road toward Main Street when a teenager is too preoccupied with their phone and has swerved to your side of the road. The only way to keep from hitting head-on is to take the ditch, slamming into the tree line. And somehow, you happened to hit a tree stub just right, popping your car on its side. So there you are sideways, staring at the grass, shaking and thankful you are ok.

    Now, your next step is to call a Brock Hall tow truck towing company that knows how to recover your vehicle from the trees safely and securely.

    J & L Towing truly understands how harrowing an accident can be. Our trained operators use the best equipment and are trained on the latest recovery techniques for the safety of you and other motorists on the roadway.