Car Towing Service PG County

Towing a vehicle that cannot move on its own power doesn’t need to be a trying experience. But, many times, motorists make the task harder than it really needs to be. When your trusty car wont start, rather than asking your cousin to grab his pickup truck and using a tow rope to drag it through the streets of Prince George’s County, we suggest that you simply pick up the phone and give J & L Towing a call. Car breakdowns are something we see every day, and we’re happy to help.

When you call J & L Towing, we’ll be there in a matter of minutes to quickly tow your car to your trusted mechanic. Did we mention we provide excellent truck towing as well? And, if you don’t have a mechanic, we can even make some suggestions. We’ll point you in the direction of some of the finest automotive repair shops in the area. You’ll find them more than pleasant to work with and happy to help. We make the seemingly insurmountable task of getting your car fixed a breeze.


Exotic Car Towing Service

Just as you wouldn’t trust a child to care for a newborn baby, you shouldn’t trust just anyone to care for your exotic car when it needs towing. When you call us to move your Lamborghini, Tesla, Audi, or any other brand of high-end vehicle, you can rest assured that we will care for it as if it were our own investment.

When it comes to towing exotic or classic vehicles we only use our flatbed towing systems. These trucks are equipped with soft straps and operated by experienced professionals who pay attention to every detail. From pick, securing your vehicle to the bed, delivery, and follow-up, we ensure your car arrives safe and intact. As pristine as the day it was manufactured.

  • Lamborghini Towing

  • Mercedes Transport

  • Audi Towing

  • Bentley Transport

  • Porsche Towing

  • Auston Martin

  • We Tow McLarens

  • Maserati Towing

  • BMW Towing

  • Bugatti Towing Service

  • Alfa Romeo Towing

  • Ferrari Towing

  • Land Rover Towing

  • We Tow Lexus

  • Lotus Towing

  • Rolls Royce Transport

Providing a Variety of Car Towing Service

The variety of towing and roadside assistance services that J & L Towing provides to the residents and motorists traveling through the Washington DC area are quite extensive. But they don’t need to be expensive. You’ll find that we’re not like most towing companies around, we won’t charge you an arm and a leg.

We offer local and long distance towing, accident towing, equipment transport services, as well as vehicle removal services.

Whether you have a dead battery or some other issue causing your car not to run, trust that we can help get you back on the road as quickly as possible. We are your friends in the car towing service business.

Accident Towing & Recovery Services

Motor vehicle accident recovery isn’t for the faint of heart, and, quite frankly, not everyone who can operate a tow truck has the ability to properly recover a wrecked vehicle. Removing a vehicle from the scene of an accident is one of our specialties. We arrive quickly with ETA’s that are rivaled by none, but that’s where the haste stops. Once we arrive at the scene of a vehicle collision, we take our time to assess all of the variables. This ensures everyone involved remains safe and the recovery goes off without a hitch.


Winching Services For Cars & Trucks

Most of the time a vehicle will need winching services due to less-than-desirable driving conditions. Snow, sleet, Ice, and rain can all negatively impact road conditions, making sliding off the road a real possibility.

When you slide off the road or are in a situation where your vehicle cannot move on its own power, you need winching service. When this happens, in most instances, we will simply connect our wire rope to a secure location on your car and pull you out. At other times, the job might not be so straight forward and we might require assistance from law enforcement and a second tow truck to safely remove your vehicle.

Roadside Assitance Service Prince George County

Weather conditions and worn out components on your car can cause you to need roadside assistance services. When your car won’t start, you might need a jump start, but that may not always be the solution. A new battery might be required. When you lock your keys in your car, you’re going to want to get the assistance of a qualified professional to get them out. Don’t take on this task on your own, we’ve seen that damage that can be done by novices.

Quick Towing Service Response Times

No one likes to be without their wheels. The longer you must wait for a tow truck to arrive for car towing service, the longer you are deprived of your freedom to travel as you wish. Of course, you could take an Uber, or maybe even public transit. But, we suggest that you forgo these less-than-desirable scenarios and call us for quick towing service response times. J & L Towing Services offers fast and affordable ETA’s (Estimated Times of Arrival) which usually range within 30 minutes or less.

We provide towing, roadside assistance, and property management services to ensure your property is secure. If you lock your keys inside your car and need a reliable towing company to retrieve them for you, call us. We are masters at unlocking cars and trucks. And, because we’ve seen the damage done by motorists who are impatient and attempt to retrieve their keys from their car themselves, we suggest that you call a professional. Getting your keys out of your locked car isn’t easy. It takes many years of practice to perform unlock services without damage, so don’t try this at home or out on the road.

So, don’t wait for the bus, just call us and we’ll get your car to the shop in no time. We are your friends in the towing business.