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Reasons Why Your Car Wont Start

One of the worst things that could happen to a driver is to turn the key over with no results or hear a noise that would be impossible to imitate to your mechanic. Whether in your garage, in the grocery store parking lot, or at the gas station when you’ve stopped for a snack, there’s never a good time to have car problems. When this happens, the best solution is to call us at J & L Towing to get your car going or to your mechanic.

Here are five possible reasons your car won’t start.

  1. Bad Or Dead Battery- It happens all the time. Leaving interior or exterior lights on in your vehicle drains your car batteries juice fast. If your battery is older than three years, it’s on the senior side and could be why your vehicle isn’t starting.
  2. Bad Alternator- The alternator charges your battery, so if you have a bad alternator, then your battery won’t be receiving the charge it needs. Most of the time, a bad alternator goes hand-in-hand with a bad battery.
  3. Starter Motor- Dead batteries or alternators aren’t the only things that can stop your Ignition from functioning. If something is wrong with the starter motor that receives the electrical signal to crank the engine, your car may not respond to the turn of your key.
  4. Bad Ignition Switch-The ignition switch is another step on the road that leads from turning your key to starting your engine. It plays a crucial role between your battery and starter motor, carrying power from the battery to the engine.
  5. Spark Plugs- If your car doesn’t start, it’s possible that its spark plugs are old or dirty. Spark plugs that have become defective in any way can lead to reduced gas mileage, lack of acceleration, engine troubles like misfires, and even difficulty starting your car.

There are reasons your car, truck, SUV, all-wheel drive, or motorcycle won’t start. But no matter the reason, J & L Towing is here to help you to the path of solving your car starting issues.

Car Wont Start

Help My Car Wont Start

ADo you ahve a dead battery and need help getting it started? Look no further than us at J & L Towing. We provide PROMPT Battery Boost services to help get you back on the road   301-574-0065

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    Car Wont Start

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    Car Wont Start

    There’s nothing more frustrating than realizing you’ve just locked your keys in your car. When you need help getting into your vehicle, J & L Towing is here to get you back in while doing it without causing any damage.

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    Car Wont Start

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    Car Wont Start