Classic Car Towing

When towing antique cars, you must be concerned with every detail. Classic vehicles need to be transported from time to time, to car shows or to the repair shop. And, having the experience to know what details to pay attention to can help avoid damages to someone’s prized vintage car while towing.

Antique and classic cars have specific towing requirements that are unlike most the cars and trucks you see on the road today. Below, we’ve put together a few things for you to consider when you choose what towing company to tow your classic car.


How Should Classic Car Towing Be Done?

When towing a classic or vintage vehicle, we frown on the use of a wrecker with a wheel-lift. Lifting the front end of your vehicle and towing it from behind a tow truck with one set of wheels on the ground is one way of towing a classic car, but it’s not what we recommend.

We suggest that when you call for classic car towing you insist on the use of a flatbed tow truck. A flatbed tow truck can easily transition your vehicle from the ground to the bed. What this does is allow your vintage vehicle to ride high and out of harm’s way, without being pulled behind a wrecker.

Of course, special attention must be given to the vehicle’s undercarriage and exhaust when loading and unloading your car from the bed of the flatbed tow truck. This may require a ramping system and knowledge of secure places to hook onto your car.

Classic vehicles are delicate so special attention to how the vehicle is secured to the bed of the tow truck is a must. Commonly used among quality towing companies when towing vintage vehicles, are soft straps and the use of extra padding. This ensures your vehicle’s paint, chrome, and any veneers remain unharmed.

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Classic Car Towing With A Cover

Once your vehicle is properly loaded and safely secured to the bed of our tow truck another consideration is the chance that small rocks might be kicked up during transport. We suggest the use of a car cover when transporting your classic car.
Unfortunately, we cannot carry all of the covers necessary to enable us to provide you with a cover. The good news is most owners of classic or vintage vehicles keep their cars covered when not in use. Please alert the tow truck operator that you have a cover if you wish us to use it.


How To Choose a Tow Company to Tow Your Vintage Car

The first thing you’ll want to do is call around and get pricing. But wait, you’re not looking for the cheapest towing service. You’re looking for the companies who are experienced enough to know that towing classic vehicles is not at all similar to towing a Toyota Camry. And, most of the time, the companies who charge the least don’t have the experience to know what’s required to properly care for your car.

When you need your exotic or vintage vehicle transported be careful. Not all towing companies are alike. Trust that J & L Towing and Recovery will take care of you and your car. We have the knowledge, experience, and manpower to handle your Studebaker, Bently, or Corvette the right way.

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