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Trespass Towing, Removal of Vehicles From Private Parking Lots


On October 1, 2012 the laws regarding Trespass Towing in Maryland changed. The processes and procedures surrounding the removal of vehicles that are considered to be trespass parking and what constitutes a “parking lot” are now different than before.

The new law for the State of Maryland states that a “parking lot” is now defined as a privately owned facility consisting of three or more parking spaces, that’s accessible to the general public and is primarily used by the owner’s customers, patrons, tenants, and guests.

Trespass Towing Challenges

Although some cities and counties may handle trespass parking and trespass towing a little differently and quite frankly have more rigorous laws and regulations, the new law in Maryland will effect a multitude of various lots.  Including homeowners associations, apartment complex owners, retail locations and most parking lots that are accessible by public roads.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Trespass Towing

  • Signage: Signs must be at least 24 inches high and 30 inches wide, be clearly visible at the lot entrance or from the parking spaces, state the name of the towing company and the location where vehicles will be towed, detail that Maryland law requires that vehicles must be available to be picked up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,  and indicate the maximum amount that may be charged for the towing of the vehicle.
  • Authorization: Before towing or removing a vehicle, the tow company must have the authorization of the parking lot owner which must include the name of the person authorizing the tow or removal, a statement that the vehicle is being towed or removed at the request of the parking lot owner, and photographic evidence of the violation or reason for the towing of the vehicle.
  • Drop Fees: If a vehicle has not yet been removed from a parking lot, the towing company in possession of the vehicle must release the vehicle back to the owner or an agent of the owner if the owner or agent requests release of the vehicle, if the vehicle can be driven under its own power, whether or not the vehicle has been lifted off the ground, and if the owner or agent pays a drop fee in an amount not exceeding 50% of the cost of a full tow.
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What Can You Do To Keep Your Lot Clear of Trespass Parking Vehicles?

  • If someone illegally parks their vehicle on your property uninvited, that’s called trespass parking. This individual is taking up space that’s intended for your patrons, tenants, or yourself and may be blocking others access to their spaces as well. Let J & L Towing & Recovery handle all your trespass parking needs.
  • Our trespass parking services are the solution you are looking for. Using top notch technology we provide and install all the required signage, provide various service programs, collect and catalog photographic evidence of every offending vehicle. Then our professional and courteous tow truck operators will remove vehicles that have been illegally parked on your property.
  • We’ll then tow the offending vehicles to our well-lit, video monitored, secure lot for processing, and provide 24 hour access for easy retrieval.