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We are a true 24-hour towing company who offers solutions for all your apartment towing needs. We work with homeowner associations (HOA’s), commercial property owners and managers, condominiums, restaurants, large chain stores, and more. If you have abandoned vehicles that need to be removed from your property,  or even junk cars piling up, we can help.


All apartment towing is performed above board and with strict adherence to the law. We demand the highest level of integrity from our operators and use the latest monitoring software to document every aspect of the services we provide.


The removal of illegally parked vehicles from your property is only one part of the service we provide. We also work with apartment managers to decrease the amount of headache they endure once a vehicle has been towed.

J & L Towing has been providing top-notch parking enforcement services for two decades and has programs that will work for any type of trespass towing needs. Whether you need special event towing, daily and nightly parking lot monitoring, or simply call-up vehicle removal service, we can help. We even offer a no-haggle vehicle drop policy, for when the vehicle owner has arrived prior to our departure.

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We Provide Complete Transparency

For peace of mind and the security in knowing all information is up-to-date, we provide an Online Client Portal, giving you access and control over real-time information for all components of the apartment towing services we provide.

This allows owners and property managers to add, update, and remove valid parking permits, and provides instantaneous updates to be sent directly to our trucks in the field. So, with J & L Towing providing vehicle removal, you never need to worry about impounding the wrong car.


We Provide & Install All Necessary Signage

We provide and install, at no cost to you, all necessary signage for your local apartment towing needs.
In accordance with all city, state, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances, each sign has our phone number, address, and instructions on where parking violators can claim their vehicles.

Once apartment towing services have been provided, and a vehicle has been towed, we assure all vehicles in our custody remain safe and secure. This is why we operate a fully staffed 24 hour impound lot, which is lighted, fenced, and monitored by video surveillance.


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