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Junk Car Pick Up

We provide abandoned vehicle removal services in Upper Marlboro, MD and all of Prince George’s county. Whether it’s a car that’s been abandoned, or it’s an old clunker that no longer runs and you need to make space for a newer model, we can help. Dispose of the eyesore by calling J & L Towing and Recovery. We provide junk car pick up, as well as disposal of junk trucks and vans.

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  • Parking Enforcement
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  • Junk Car Pick Up
  • Abandoned Vehicles
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  • Wrecked Cars
J & L Towing and Recovery is by far the best towing company I have had the pleasure of doing business with. From the time I told them my problem, they all ready had the situation! The owner Juan has definitely out done himself, by having the most professional employees I have ever meet. I successfully got my vehicle moved from Virginia back to Maryland safely and I highly recommend this Towing company! Thanks a lot for your hard work gentlemen!

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Marcus Browne
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Junk Car Pick Up Checklist

When it comes to determining how to dispose of an unwanted vehicle, or just plain knowing what to consider when it comes to choosing a towing company to remove junk or abandoned cars and trucks that have accumulated on your property, there are many things to consider. We have compiled this short list of what to take into account, to help you along your way.

  • If the car in question is your property, a title with lien release may be necessary
  • We can still remove unwanted cars and disable vehicles even if you do not own them.
  • If you have abandoned vehicles on your property, do you know the owner?
  • Are there compliant no-parking signs on your property?
  • To remove an unwanted car from your property you must comply with the law.
  • The towing company you choose should provide everything needed to be fully compliant.
  • Are the disabled or inoperable cars blocking traffic or impeding the use of your property?
  • Are your tenants inconvenienced because abandoned vehicles are in their spaces?
  • Is your property for retail customers and you’re losing sales because of unwanted cars?
  • Do you know your rights when it comes to legal removal of unwanted cars and trucks?

Call J & L Towing and Recovery, we can help you with all of your junk car pick up needs.

Need a Junk Car Pick Up

Know Your Rights

Whether you are a property owner who needs a vehicle removed from their lot, a property manager tasked with keeping abandoned, and illegally cars and trucks from piling up in an apartment complex parking lot, you have certain rights under Maryland law. You are entitled to keep your property free from intrusion.

As an apartment complex owner or manager, you have the right to only allow residents of the apartment complex to have access to parking. Unfortunately not everyone respects your property rights, so you must provide proper signage to explain the rules. The use of law-compliant signage, plus adequate monitoring, and removal of illegally parked vehicles that are trespassing on your property, can help to ensure that your tenants always have a place to park.

Whether a commercial location, such as a business or apartment complex, or as a private citizen, you are entitled to be free from unwanted cars and trucks littering your property. If you need assistance with any type of parking enforcement services give J & L Towing and Recovery a call 301-574-0065.