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Impound Towing Service

Do you own property in Prince George’s County, Maryland? Are you having an issue with abandoned vehicles being left on your parking lot? Do you own a business with a large parking lot that attracts people who park their “for-sale” vehicles there? If so, J & L Towing is here to help.  When it comes to having an unwelcomed vehicle removed from your parking lot we can help at a moment’s notice. With J & L’s Private Property Impound Services, no longer do you need to put up with those who have a blatant disregard for the law and your parking policies. Our impound towing team will quickly do away with the inconvenience and frustration you may have experienced.

  • Fire Lane Violations

  • Multi-Housing

  • HOA Towing

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Abandoned Vehicles

  • Blocking Driveway Towing

  • Apartment Towing

  • Retail Parking Enforcement

  • Handicap Parking Violations

  • Private Party Impound

  • Parking Garage Towing

Our team of drivers are certified and highly skilled at helping you with your PARKING VIOLATION towing needs. And we take the necessary safety precautions to ensure safe transport of the violators vehicle.



Are motorists illegally parking on your apartment building lot? Are they in parking spaces reserved for your tenants?  Or is there a creepy van that keeps hanging around and parking by your home or apartment complex? Call J & L Towing, we can tow away unauthorized vehicles from your business or home. Just give us a call, and our dispatchers will take care of the rest. We provide all of the necessary signage, which is a huge deterrent in and of itself. We promise to solve your parking problems.

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Can I  just have any car towed off my property because you don’t want the vehicle there?

There must be signs posted to let them know they are not allowed to park in your lot. The sign must be easy to see and state that any unauthorized vehicles will be towed away at the owner’s expense. With this sign, you can call for towing immediately if you wish to have the vehicle removed from your parking lot. By calling J & L Towing we will respond quickly and remove the violating vehicle. This is the fastest, most inexpensive, (it doesn’t cost the property owner a dime) to have unwanted vehicles removed from you property.

None of this will cost you a penny. All expenses incurred from the pick-up to the dropoff, paperwork and storage fees will all be charged to the vehicle owner.

We encourage you to give us a call today to help you keep unauthorized vehicles off your lot.

Thank you for considering J&L Towing and Recovery! We look forward to helping you and appreciate your consideration!